De-clutter your office for spring cleaning.

De-Clutter your office – I wanted to elaborate on one of the topics in the last post. I wrote :

“Go room by room and discard any items you do not want to move before you even get an estimate. By doing this it helps give you a clear vision what will be moving and what will not. It will also help make the estimate for your move much more accurate…”

In keeping with this theme here are some great tips, collected over time that may help you dig deeper into your goods, declutter them and organize yourself for the spring season.

While cleaning my home office there was a stack of old tax returns and some financial documents that are quite dated. We only need to keep the tax returns for 3 years (7 years if you have a business) so shred those old documents.

While digging around the closet there was also an old PC tower , laptop and monitor. Recycling old electronics like PDA’s, tablets, old cell phones, printers, fax machines and hard drives is also a good idea too. We offer a drop and shred service at JB Self Storage in partnership with Shred Station Express to help make this clean up easy for you.

There are also a lot of old books, magazines and newspapers in my office. These piles of paper are heavy, collect dust, take up space, and rarely re-read. Unless you are emotionally connected, they hold monetary value, or you are a collector. Donate them to a library or school or sell them for a dollar or two at a tag sale or recycle them.

Another way to de-clutter your office is by cleaning up mail. Just like or email inbox is filled with spam, so too are our real mailboxes. If you take 30 min to unsubscribe from those catalogs and mailers, you won’t have to clean them up again next season.

Moving some files and paperwork, bills etc electronically can save physical office space by not need as many file cabinets and as much desk space. Take some time and rethink the layout of your office and consider getting rid of unneeded bulky furniture. Donate or discard your furniture before you move will also reduce future moving costs. Give a call to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, you may be eligible for a tax write off as well.

Those were just a few items of note taken while cleaning my office, hopefully they will help you create a better work  space for you.